Why Escape Silicon Valley?
Silly question, really... We're all tourists here, aren't we? Even at home, we're tourists––nothing ever seems to be within walking distance. And there's always something to explore.

  • The spread-out nature of Silicon Valley communities means that even simple daily errands and activites can use up a lot of time. Miles, not city blocks, are the preferred units of measurement.
  • We commute long distances to go to work and come home. We accept these inevitable distances and often don't even bother to try to live near our workplaces.
  • On days off, we might travel even further to other parts of Santa Clara Valley and the greater Bay Area, sometimes to places we might never have visited before. We spend our time getting from here to there.

But really...
View from Hunters Point, Fremont Older Open Space Preserve, Cupertino, California.